1directgirly88 (1directgirly88) wrote,

Chapter one wrecking ball part 1:GETTING OVER IT.

sammie had everything a girl could ever ask for.a loving family three close best friends.she was most popular in performing arts school.she sang beautifully.and she danced like an angel some people commented to her.as she gleamed a thank you with full happiness and a warm smile.she loved everyday of her life.well almost everyday was perfect.she still hadn't met the guy of her dreams.it'd been so hard since highschool.of course she was beautiful at :59 beautiful black long curly hair.slim thin figure gorgeous.milky complexion.she just figured shed. Let nature or the lord to take its course.and sed her the most wonderful guy there was.so stepped out her house on the porch.walking to the mailbbox checking for any mail but junk mail.she was smiling.when she saw a moving van or a tour bus pulled in a couple houses down.She thought if that's one direction there not being very careful not to hide themselves.their being prettty obvious.when her cell started ringing.she said hello. Hey sammie omg. Its jordin.am I seeing things or are one direction right on our street.Sammie laughed and said.yes I guess they are.phone call cuts in.it was. Carrie emo girl 5:4 dressed emo at times a bit of atomboy but really never hid it.she's always been a girly girl.loves shopping family hanging with friends concerts music bowling animals reading.petite blu eyes thin. Slendor tanned complexion.jordin was bubbly pick you up when your. Down.nice pretty girl next door.sassy.nice sweet caring.has green eyes.slim figure. Carrie sounded happy and full of exciitement on the phone. Be at your house 5. Minutes.
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