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Chapter two fools rush in glee love story

Ghtas soon as quinn and puck arrived at rachels house.rachel opened the door happily.as though happily awaiting their arrival which she was she couldn't wait to have company.shed been so busy with funny girl shows and other plays.she loved her life and her friends.and her career.she was living her dream.everyday was her dream come true.but since finns been gone.she kind of felt he carried on an emptiness with he3r after he died.she didn't wanna miss him.and she knew she knew she must get over his beig gone.and move onto dating other guys.rachel smiled cheerfully and said.hi quinn puck.I'm so excited to see you.so I see your back together.I'm so happy to see your together.Puck said.yea were happy to.nice place you gor here.it looks different.but really nice.Quinn smiled and said.yea lil puck couldn't live without me.she teased.Puck laughed and said.I believe it was the other way around honey.quinn teased and said.whatever you sayy sweetie.Puck laughed and said.oh she's just going through the pms lately.quinn said.puck shut up.Rachel laughed and.you two already made yourself at home.don't make yourself to at home.Quinn said.we won't. So rachel how's your single life.any luck.right that minute mercedes and sam pulled their car in.and walked up the stairs.rachel again greeted her friends.rachel hi guys.how are you this lovely night.sam smiled I'm great miss rachel berry.how r u.rachel smiled and said.I'm fine I suppose.together with almost all my friends.mercedes said.I'm fantastic.atleast most of us are here that's what really matters right guys.all said yes.sam said.where is everyone else.mercedes said.don't ask.rachel said.no its ok. Kurt and blaine aren't here because their having mutual differences.brittany is away at school still.santana told me to not say anything.so I'm sworn to secrecy.mercedes laughed and said.I know they got back together.sam said.kurts taking the break up or argument with blaine very hard.rachel said.will you please tell him I'm I'm sorry and to return my texts and calls.I've been so upset for him.I haven't any idea what's up with him.mercedes said.you knew and you didn't tell her.Sam said.kurts been laying low with everybody rachel.he's reareally hurt again by blaine.I'm sure if you want me to talk to him it'll help.Rachels sighed and said.thanx sam your all such amazing friends.maybe I. Need a n a new guy in my life.its about time I started dating more.quinn said I know some people who would be perfect for you.Mercedes said.that's what kills me quinn I know were friends now but before you acted like rachel was some ugly duckling.who couldn't get a guy for anything.who noone would even look at.well take a look at rachet rachel now miss quinn she's a freaking goddess and freaking gorgeous hottie.
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