1directgirly88 (1directgirly88) wrote,

Chapter two fools rush in puck quinn love story

ququinn and puck were holding hands walkig to see sam and mercedes.who were over rachels house.Rachel had invited them over to hangout ad just hash things up.make sure they were all together as friends.and nothing was left un dwelt with.just because rachel was still single.doest mean she didn't or couldn't be happy or seem cheerful around her friends and best friends.before she lost everyone in her life.which seemed like chasing pavements the song she remembered singing in glee club once before.or vaguely.before singing.it was 5 years ago in her past.she had nightmares and flashbacks about the torments in school being cool being made fun of.meeting and becoming friends with enemies.Quinn and puck walked up the stairs to rachels high rise apartment
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