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Chapter one fools rush in.glee story quinn and puck love story.

quinn hadn't seen puck for the longest time for what was a year or two.seemed an eternity.Quinn thought shed go on without him dating other guys but all she could think of was her las night I lima ohio.And that kiss they shared.it made shivers up her spine.it made her heart felt so may feeligs for puck right that instant.her knees never went that weak since finn.but puck was maybe really her one true love.they'd known eachother forever.so what could be so wrong.today was the day he got back from being emplied from the navy and he wanted her answer once and for all.quin felt she knew it and hoped he still felt the same. Quinn saw him and ran to him into his arms.she beamed with glee.kissing puck on the lips.quinn surprised by how puck pulled her closer. Into a tender deep kiss.the two embraced for awhile.than spoke. Quinn smiled happily and said.omg I'm so glad your here.I've been waiting for this moment to happen for you don't know how long.she blushed.Puck said.I'm so happy you feel that way.I couldn't stop thinking about you quinn.and on the way here.I kept getting feelings you didn't wanna see me.so I gotta know before we go any further into this conversatio.Quinn said.I have to get my answer to.so are you leaving the army for me.Puck said.only if I hear you say what I've been hoping for.Quinn smiled ad said.stay puck.I love you.the world wouldn't be the same without yu.I wouldn't be the same without you.Puck smiled gratefully and they kissed and hugged.quinn said.so what's my answer.puck smiled and said.I love you too quinn I always have and always will.believe it or not.so what do you choose. Me or you leave when we start a good thing.Quinn said. Choose you puck.now let's get some plans to help out our friend rachel.puck said.quinnn you and rachel are hardly best friends still.puck said.but its nice of you to help don't give that girl some douche bag low life to date.Quinnn laughed and said.what like you. Puck said.wow sassy are you.I've missed that.but anyway she really took it hard about finn.quinn sighed and said.we all took it hard so did I.ok I was dating him also.puck said.yea we had some good times.
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