Chapter one wrecking ball part 1:GETTING OVER IT.
sammie had everything a girl could ever ask for.a loving family three close best friends.she was most popular in performing arts school.she sang beautifully.and she danced like an angel some people commented to she gleamed a thank you with full happiness and a warm smile.she loved everyday of her life.well almost everyday was perfect.she still hadn't met the guy of her'd been so hard since highschool.of course she was beautiful at :59 beautiful black long curly hair.slim thin figure gorgeous.milky complexion.she just figured shed. Let nature or the lord to take its course.and sed her the most wonderful guy there stepped out her house on the porch.walking to the mailbbox checking for any mail but junk mail.she was smiling.when she saw a moving van or a tour bus pulled in a couple houses down.She thought if that's one direction there not being very careful not to hide themselves.their being prettty obvious.when her cell started ringing.she said hello. Hey sammie omg. Its I seeing things or are one direction right on our street.Sammie laughed and said.yes I guess they call cuts was. Carrie emo girl 5:4 dressed emo at times a bit of atomboy but really never hid it.she's always been a girly girl.loves shopping family hanging with friends concerts music bowling animals reading.petite blu eyes thin. Slendor tanned complexion.jordin was bubbly pick you up when your. Down.nice pretty girl next door.sassy.nice sweet caring.has green eyes.slim figure. Carrie sounded happy and full of exciitement on the phone. Be at your house 5. Minutes.

Chapter two fools rush in glee love story
Ghtas soon as quinn and puck arrived at rachels house.rachel opened the door though happily awaiting their arrival which she was she couldn't wait to have company.shed been so busy with funny girl shows and other plays.she loved her life and her friends.and her career.she was living her dream.everyday was her dream come true.but since finns been gone.she kind of felt he carried on an emptiness with he3r after he died.she didn't wanna miss him.and she knew she knew she must get over his beig gone.and move onto dating other guys.rachel smiled cheerfully and said.hi quinn puck.I'm so excited to see I see your back together.I'm so happy to see your together.Puck said.yea were happy to.nice place you gor looks different.but really nice.Quinn smiled and said.yea lil puck couldn't live without me.she teased.Puck laughed and said.I believe it was the other way around honey.quinn teased and said.whatever you sayy sweetie.Puck laughed and said.oh she's just going through the pms lately.quinn said.puck shut up.Rachel laughed two already made yourself at home.don't make yourself to at home.Quinn said.we won't. So rachel how's your single life.any luck.right that minute mercedes and sam pulled their car in.and walked up the stairs.rachel again greeted her friends.rachel hi are you this lovely night.sam smiled I'm great miss rachel r u.rachel smiled and said.I'm fine I suppose.together with almost all my friends.mercedes said.I'm fantastic.atleast most of us are here that's what really matters right guys.all said yes.sam said.where is everyone else.mercedes said.don't ask.rachel its ok. Kurt and blaine aren't here because their having mutual differences.brittany is away at school still.santana told me to not say I'm sworn to secrecy.mercedes laughed and said.I know they got back together.sam said.kurts taking the break up or argument with blaine very hard.rachel said.will you please tell him I'm I'm sorry and to return my texts and calls.I've been so upset for him.I haven't any idea what's up with him.mercedes knew and you didn't tell her.Sam said.kurts been laying low with everybody rachel.he's reareally hurt again by blaine.I'm sure if you want me to talk to him it'll help.Rachels sighed and said.thanx sam your all such amazing friends.maybe I. Need a n a new guy in my life.its about time I started dating more.quinn said I know some people who would be perfect for you.Mercedes said.that's what kills me quinn I know were friends now but before you acted like rachel was some ugly duckling.who couldn't get a guy for anything.who noone would even look at.well take a look at rachet rachel now miss quinn she's a freaking goddess and freaking gorgeous hottie.

Chapter two fools rush in puck quinn love story
ququinn and puck were holding hands walkig to see sam and mercedes.who were over rachels house.Rachel had invited them over to hangout ad just hash things up.make sure they were all together as friends.and nothing was left un dwelt with.just because rachel was still single.doest mean she didn't or couldn't be happy or seem cheerful around her friends and best friends.before she lost everyone in her life.which seemed like chasing pavements the song she remembered singing in glee club once before.or vaguely.before was 5 years ago in her past.she had nightmares and flashbacks about the torments in school being cool being made fun of.meeting and becoming friends with enemies.Quinn and puck walked up the stairs to rachels high rise apartment

Chapter one fools rush in.glee story quinn and puck love story.
quinn hadn't seen puck for the longest time for what was a year or two.seemed an eternity.Quinn thought shed go on without him dating other guys but all she could think of was her las night I lima ohio.And that kiss they made shivers up her made her heart felt so may feeligs for puck right that instant.her knees never went that weak since finn.but puck was maybe really her one true love.they'd known eachother what could be so was the day he got back from being emplied from the navy and he wanted her answer once and for all.quin felt she knew it and hoped he still felt the same. Quinn saw him and ran to him into his arms.she beamed with glee.kissing puck on the lips.quinn surprised by how puck pulled her closer. Into a tender deep kiss.the two embraced for awhile.than spoke. Quinn smiled happily and said.omg I'm so glad your here.I've been waiting for this moment to happen for you don't know how long.she blushed.Puck said.I'm so happy you feel that way.I couldn't stop thinking about you quinn.and on the way here.I kept getting feelings you didn't wanna see I gotta know before we go any further into this conversatio.Quinn said.I have to get my answer are you leaving the army for me.Puck said.only if I hear you say what I've been hoping for.Quinn smiled ad said.stay puck.I love you.the world wouldn't be the same without yu.I wouldn't be the same without you.Puck smiled gratefully and they kissed and hugged.quinn what's my answer.puck smiled and said.I love you too quinn I always have and always will.believe it or what do you choose. Me or you leave when we start a good thing.Quinn said. Choose you let's get some plans to help out our friend rachel.puck said.quinnn you and rachel are hardly best friends still.puck said.but its nice of you to help don't give that girl some douche bag low life to date.Quinnn laughed and said.what like you. Puck sassy are you.I've missed that.but anyway she really took it hard about finn.quinn sighed and said.we all took it hard so did I.ok I was dating him also.puck said.yea we had some good times.


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